The Fix-A-Fence

In 2007, Michael Yandell a California homeowner awoke in the early morning to a badly damaged fence in his backyard close to collapse. A winter storm had been pounding the area with fierce winds and rainfall for several days resulting in two broken fence posts. Michael headed for the nearest home improvement centers only to be disappointed. Even a thorough search on the Internet did not reveal a solution. Frustrated and determined, the quest for a better fence support was on.

Michael, having over 21 years experience in welding and working with steel decided he would design and build his own fence support. Utilizing the shop he was currently employed at and plenty of creativity Michael developed his first two prototypes for The Fix-A-Fence and installed them in his backyard that very day. Michael intended for his handiwork to bring him a temporary quick fix until he could budget the money and research fence contractors for a whole new fence. To his amazement, the quick fix had completely surpassed his expectations and with each passing year he evaluated the strength of the fence finding it just as sturdy as the day he installed the supports.

Michael couldn't help but wonder if there were other homeowners just like him that had the same predicament and would benefit from a low-cost but very effective device to save their failing fence. Michael refined his invention using premium-grade steel and the best hardware that would allow all levels of homeowners to install their own Fix-A-Fence unit easily and without purchasing or possessing expensive tools.

They say inventors are often famous for their confidence, their perseverance and their passion. That's exactly how to describe Michael Yandell and his ongoing excitement about bringing The-Fix-A-Fence to you.

The Fix-A-Fence

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