The Fix-A-Fence

Always wear proper safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection.

The Fix-A-Fence Legend


The Fix-A-Fence channel brace
The Fix-A-Fence anchor section
3 qty. 5/16 x 3 inch lag screws
3 qty. #14 x 1 inch Tek screws
1 qty. 5/8 x 1 inch bolt

Tools Needed:

Ratchet or drill
7/16 inch socket (wood)
3/8 inch nut driver (metal)
15/16” socket or adjustable wrench
Post hole digger or shovel
Wheelbarrow or 5 Gallon bucket
Measuring tape

Remove red plug from anchor section (keep for future use if Channel Brace is ever removed). Bolt anchor section to channel brace using supplied 5/8” bolt and tighten firmly

Measure 8 inches out from the bottom edge of the damaged post (this marks the center of the hole to be dug).

Using your mark, prepare a hole 18 inches deep and 6 inches in diameter.

Place the assembled Fix-A-Fence in the hole, keeping the base against the bottom of the post.

Mix the 60 lb. bag of concrete according to the manufacturers instructions.

Fill the hole with concrete to the base of the channel brace. Maintain the center line of the Fix-A-Fence and the post.

Plumb Fix-A-Fence with a level, keeping the base of The Fix-A-Fence against the bottom of the post.

Allow concrete to set according to manufacturers instructions.

Once the concrete has set, pull the fence post firmly against The Fix-A-Fence and install supplied lag screws starting at the top. No pre-drilling is needed. If attaching to a metal pole, use the supplied Tek screws (drill with 3/8 inch nut driver required)

You’re done!

*Lifetime guarantee on The Fix-A-Fence product only.

**In colder climates we reccomend belling the bottom of the hole. See illustration-


The Fix-A-Fence

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